From head to toe: uvex Safety Expert System

When selecting personal protective equipment, safety managers often have to strike a balance between safety, wearer acceptance and economic efficiency – a major challenge. Our experts are happy to support you every step of the way, from analysis to final approval.

Six steps to increased safety, economic efficiency and acceptance of PPE:

1. Safety Expert analysis
2. Product definition
3. Wearing test management
4. Economic efficiency analysis
5. Range concept
6. Approval and implementation

The benefits of 360° consultation with our PPE experts:

Improved safety

  • The optimal PPE for the application
  • Increased safety awareness
  • Increased wearer acceptance
  • Use of the latest protective equipment
  • Visualisation of the PPE requirement for each workplace

Increased economic efficiency

  • Exact calculation of your actual PPE requirement
  • High-quality PPE solutions with long lifetimes
  • Reduced accident rates and reduced downtimes
  • Increased transparency in all PPE respects
  • Optimised process costs
  • Increased employee motivation