Computer glasses: Are your eyes fit for the digital world?

Do you really need an extra pair of glasses for your computer? The answer is yes, because the world of work has changed fundamentally. Most of us spend several hours each day in front of a computer. We use them for emails, writing, designing and video conferences. Even after work, we still use google, play games and chat using them.

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Blog uvex safety helmet accessories

uvex safety helmet ranges and accessories

Without accessories, helmets often offer only limited adaptability. In order to perfectly — and comfortably — protect wearers in all situations, uvex safety helmets can be supplemented by a wide range of various attachments. In the following, we present a convenient overview of these.

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uvex Neue PSA-Verordnung

New PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 is no cause for alarm!

Experience dictates that many questions tend to arise when new or revised PPE regulations are published: what changes are there? How will I or my business be affected? What deadlines are there and what will it all cost in the end? When it comes to hearing protection and the new regulation (EU) 2016/425, we can give the all-clear: first and foremost, it is manufacturers who must rise to this challenge.

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Vogelgrippe uvex Informationsartikel zu Schutzausrüstung gegen Geflügelpest

Personal protective equipment and bird flu – what you need to know

On 14 November 2016 300,000 chickens from a poultry farm in Schleswig-Holstein had to be culled and disposed of due to an outbreak of bird flu. However, infected birds have also been found in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, and also in Austria, in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary and Poland. The fear of transmission is just as infectious as the disease itself, even though the currently-raging H5N8 virus – whilst extremely aggressive – is not directly harmful to humans.  We answer the key questions about bird flu and protective equipment.

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diabetes uvex motion 3xl

Diabetes and the uvex motion 3XL safety shoe

The number of people being diagnosed with diabetes is rising constantly. In Germany alone, it is estimated that around nine million people live with the disease today. Diabetics who must wear safety footwear are particularly at risk.

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Saving eyesight in Nepal – an uvex optician helps the poor

When Brigitte Nachtmann-Leitl travels to Nepal she doesn’t go in search of spiritual enlightenment, like so many others do. She doesn’t plan to conquer nearby Mount Everest either. Instead, the qualified optician spends the majority of her annual holidays 6,000 kilometres from home in order to pass on her knowledge about glasses, eyes and sight to locals who are eager to learn.

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uvex business is people brk header

On operations with the Bavarian Red Cross

The Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) comprises approximately 130,000 volunteers (Source: BRK as at 2011). Just one of these is Dr Florian Kühnlein, who has also served as Head of Product Development for SBU Eyewear/Head at uvex safety group for three years. Protecting people is not only part of his daily work, but also a pastime and a matter of pride – and interestingly, PPE acts as a bridge between his career and his hobby.

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uv-schutz uvex

The outlook is sunny, but don’t forget UV protection!

Summer is here and that hopefully means lots of sunshine. This is proven to have a positive effect on our mood – but beware of the dangers. Sunlight is composed of powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This segment of the electromagnetic spectrum is imperceptible to humans and can cause long-term damage not only to our skin, but also the eye’s cornea and retina. What is the best way to protect ourselves against this invisible danger?

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uvex i-gonomics

uvex i-gonomics: innovation through alleviation [UPDATE: Now with video!]

The uvex i-gonomics PPE product system perfectly combines key safety aspects with outstanding ergonomics, as well as ensuring these are scientifically measurable for all products and also different manufacturers. Read on to discover more about i-gonomics, the products it includes and why it helps us live up to our “protecting people” claim.

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